July 31, 2011


  • Redevelopment Update: Poway opted in to the "alternate" redevelopment agency. They are paying their "extortion fees" and hoping that the California Redevelopment Agency (CRA) wins their lawsuit against the state. The state's response to CRA's lawsuit: We made redevelopment, we can do away with it. CRA: Waaaahhhh!, we need that money, give it to us. The people said to give it to us. Who will build golf courses, new Charger stadiums, shopping centers and car dealerships if you don't give it to us? Next up: the California Supreme Court will decide to fast track the case or send it to the lower courts where it will take forever and an eon to be heard.

  • Poway's reason for an emergency council meeting to keep medical marijuana collectives out of Poway: We can't let our neighborhoods deteriorate. Ha! Ha! You know what that reminds me of? The reason the city gave for pulling the Wal-Mart property out of the Poway Road Specific Plan and forming a new Wal-Mart Specific Plan: to limit uses which might bring increased traffic volume, flow and noise that would be incompatible with the nearby commercial and residential areas. Ha! Ha! Ha! Joe St Lucas has a few comments about the city looking out for our quality of life over at his blog too.

  • It's been a year since the Poway City council voted to chuck the multi-tier water rates because it "wasn't fair" that some people were paying more for their water than other people. It's been a year since the city has done nothing about the sewer rates which charge higher rates to those who use the least water.

  • The Poway Term Limits group is gathering signatures. I support term limits for Poway councilmembers and mayor. After hearing all 5 council members whine because the state is giving local property tax dollars back to the local schools to be spent on local public services instead of letting redevelopment agencies spend it on their favorite private enterprises, well, I'm beginning to think that even 2 terms is too long.

  • Mark your calendars. August 23 will be a hearing for the Wal-Mart expansion environmental impact report. I'm betting that the staff recommendation will be that the neighborhood adjacent to Wal-Mart will be greatly improved by the increased traffic and noise. Unloading trucks in the wee hours will be just like white noise lulling your baby to sleep. But a store like that, heck, ANY store would be so uber incompatible in north Poway.

  • The Arbolitos sports field lights are going in soon. The gnatcatchers didn't stop it and neither did 2 council members living nearby. It is going to be more costly than expected. The city engineer estimated it would cost $600,000 - $610,000 for the lights and field renovation, but the lowest bid came in at $781,645.50. Total appropriation, including legal fees is $950,000. PYSL kicked in $60,000.

  • I've saved the best for last. I won't be getting robocalls from Duncan Hunter, June-Eyore, much longer. The bi-partisan California Citizen's Redistricting Commission approved new maps for California Senate and Assembly seats and Congressional seats. Poway won't be in Duncan Hunter's district after the 2012 election. Poway will be in a Congressional district that includes much of the City of San Diego that lies between Poway and Ocean Beach. This district leans a lot more to the left than Poway's current Congressional district. I'm sure it will be an interesting election year, and all, but isn't it amazing that the bi-partisan California Citizen's Redistricting Commission actually agreed to something? Without much fuss, too. Hmmm, next time, could they be in charge of raising the debt limit?


Joe said...

How is it that the city's engineers can miscalculate the cost of the lights at arbolitos by 30% and no one there bats an eye? Oh, we'll just use park development funds (funds that could have been used for other parks). Of course I would expect the the lights would have been approved if it cost double that amount.

My Account said...

I'm now retired. When I was working I was a Project Manager. If I ever went to my bosses with a cost overrun of over 30% (as in the Arbolitos Flood Control Basin Project) before the start I'd have been fired.

I'd be questioned about:
a. Quality Control Standards
b. Contingency Planning
c. How I would keep costs under control.
d. Post-installation Planning including projected long term costs and benefits.
e. Funding Planning, where and when the money was going to be available.
f. How I was going to manage the vendors.

Where is this Project Plan and where are the projections that complete a real plan or is this going to be another Oak Knoll Road project where "It's only going to cost $1 Million" and comes in at over three times that with no one held accountable?

Vinny said...

You mentioned the Poway Road Specific Plan and it got my memory going. Doesn't the plan have guidelines with regards to structure paint colors? I seem to remember that the colors were to be subdued and "earthy" and that architecture was to be country like. I remember when Honda went in there was debate as to their bright blue motif. Now I note that some businesses are painting their buildings horribly bright obnoxious colors like yellow and red. These businesses seem to be fast food in nature serving Mexican cusine i.e. Albertos, Mocosalsa (car wash), Lienzo Charro (Frazee paint) (Thumbs up to Taco Bell who painted THEIR building subdued shades which look nice). Poway Road is beginning to look like downtown Tijuana. I also remember when Der Weinerschnitzel (sp) painted their roof too bright and were required to repaint. Where is the city on this issue. Thanks for your time. Gary

Poway Blog said...

The Poway Road Specific Plan includes architectural guidelines that specify style and paint colors. As you noted, the city can give a pass to a high sales tax producer and allow them to build a car dealership that looks like a giant can of blue deodorant.

I don't know if there have been any changes in allowed paint colors recently. The city has loosened up on the sign restrictions because of "the economy". I've never been convinced of the connection between giant balloon people inflating and increased sales, but that's just me. I don't buy a car on impulse anyway.

On the City's goals and objectives for July 2011- June 2012 is a Poway Road Specific Plan Update. My guess is that some brightly colored take out joints will be the least of our problems. We might not even see them after the wall-to-wall big box stores go in.